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July 10, 201311:39 AM

Don't Be An Anonymous Cog - CTRL ALT Delete With Seth Godin

It was a magical night in New York City.

In thinking about the release of my latest business book, CTRL ALT Delete, I had no intention of doing the standard book launch party. I didn't want to stand in a bookstore with family and friends, sipping wine, eating cheese and reading from CTRL ALT Delete. My good friends at Google offered up their event space in New York City office to do something a little bit different. With that, I invited famed business leader (and personal mentor) Seth Godin to join me in a conversation about just how much business has changed... and what this means for all of us going forward.

Are you in the idea business?

We live in a day and age when books have become devices to start a conversation and we - the individuals who have to show up to do the work - no longer have to be anonymous cogs. That is the spirit of CTRL ALT Delete, and those are just some of the gems that came out in this conversation with Seth, and because of the great questions from the audience of over 250 people. Here is that conversation in it's entirety.

Mitch Joel & Seth Godin - CTRL ALT Delete - Talks At Google:

Special thanks for making this event happen goes to Google, Business Plus - Grand Central Publishing, everyone at Twist Image and, of course, the always inspiring Seth Godin.

By Mitch Joel